How to market a region?

In the northern part of the Netherlands lies a special region known as "de Kop van Noord-Holland". As with other rural areas, de Kop has been experiencing an outflow of young people and an increasing difficulty filling jobs. What most people don't know is that this area is bustling with incredible job opportunities. De Kop hosts the world's leading plant breeding facility (Seed Valley), some of most innovating marine research facilities (NIOZ) and all that in a spaceous and nature-rich environment.

Oh, and did mention the island Texel?

We set out to show all these great opportunities with a multi-year campaign and an online platform.

Made @ JUST
Film & photography by David van Woerden
My role: art direction, copywriting


To show all the great opportunities this region has to offer, we used Koplopers ('frontrunners') as a central part in the campaig: people that made a conscious choice to live and work in de Kop. What follows is a series of intimate portraits of a wide range of people over a wide range of occupations.