Microsoft Surface Pro 3

How to sell a really
boring product

You can't run Photoshop on a tablet, right? Or make a Hollywood-ready 3D animation, right?
Think again. This baby packs a full operating system.
Which means you can now have One Device To Rule Them All. 

But who cares?

Add time to your life

Did you know you spend an average of 333 hours every year waiting for stuff?
Waiting on the bus, waiting in line, waiting for your Skinny Latte Double Shot.
Time usually lost in the black hole called social media. 

If you buy a Surface Pro, you get those 333 hours a year back. Effectively adding time to your life. Because you can do anything, anywhere with this beast of a device.



Context-based banners

Traveling is one of those notorious moments of lost time. So in the campaign we show what you could have done during, say, a trip to rotterdam.

Context-based mobile ads

Having lunch is a waste of time right? Of course it isn't, but hey: check out all the cool stuff you could've done instead of eating that tuna sandwich.