How to become a love brand for entrepreneurs

Let’s face it: nobody loves their bank. For most, it’s just a service to receive and spend their money.
ING is going to change that and become the most loveable banking brand for entrepreneurs. 

On a roll

Having to do administration and other tedious tasks can be real flow-killers.
Lekker bezig means ‘to be on a roll’. If you’re on a roll, you want to stay on a roll.
And that’s where ING comes in.



You finally did it, you started your own company! Now you just need a logo. You could ask your nephew (he still owes you from last Friday), or you could hire an expensive design firm. Luckily there's a third option: open a bank account at ING and a team of professional designers will create your first logo, free of charge. Lekker bezig!


An in-house design studio  

We set up an in-house studio with a small army of designers and designed logos like there was no tomorrow. At the end of the 4-week period we had over 800 logos and just as many happy customers. 

Helping entreperneurs, one logo at a time  

Mihaela bakes the greatest cakes ever. And the best thing: they're 100% vegan. It was a lot of fun creating her first logo and helping kickstart her business.