How to create online ambassadors

When a humanitarian disaster strikes, 11 Dutch aid organizations come together under the umbrella of Giro555. Their strategy of raising money with a big national campaign has proved effective time and time again. But online their reach was somewhat lacking. So we came up with a concept to create online ambassadors with one simple post.

Made @ JUST
My role: art direction, copywriting


Donating feels good. Encouraging others to donate as well feels good too. So we enabled donors to do this by sharing one simple message: "IK GEEF" (I give). With IK GEEF, donors became ambassadors to the cause, sharing their reasons to give and encouraging friends to give as well.

It worked.


During the last Nationale Actie (for Beirut) the yellow tile was dominating social media. And on the live broadcast, ambassadors wore a special IK GEEF t-shirt.

Foto: Nathan Reinds // www.nathanreinds.nlFoto: Nathan Reinds //
Foto: Nathan Reinds // www.nathanreinds.nlFoto: Nathan Reinds //