How to show the value of a phone call

De Kindertelefoon is a special telephone number kids can call when they need a listening ear. We created a campaign for their 40th anniversary which revolved around a podcast featuring callers and their story. The key takeaway is that times may change, but the need for a listening ear remains as strong as 40 years ago.

Made @ JUST
Visuals by Van Santen Bolleurs
My role: art direction, copywriting, directing

40 years of open conversations 

One call with De Kindertelefoon has the potential to stick with you the rest of your life. To show the value of such a conversation, we've asked people who called anywhere over the last 40 years to share their story. This resulted in a very intimate podcast, launched on Spotify and Apple Music.


Images speak louder than words

Children can talk about anything with De Kindertelefoon. They think along, listen without judgement and offer a safe place for all kids. To convey this message we created a series of unique images together with Van Santen Bolleurs, that formed the basis for the whole campaign.


After the festive kick-off, which the queen herself attended, a special Kindertelefoon van rode around the country recruiting volunteers.
The campaign received a lot of media attention and proved that De Kindertelefoon will remain relevant for 40 years to come.