How to wage a war without violence

Donating money to causes is out of fashion.  Sharing injustice on social media is the new donation. While it's good to spread awareness, ultimately it doesn't really help the cause. 

Join the Army

The Amnesty Army is the youth section of Amnesty. Like Wikileaks or Anonymous they use the power of the internet to fight injustice in a digital-first way.

Two examples of how the Amnesty Army could operate:

With Love to Russia

Putin is known to be very homophobic. In Russia, being gay could end you up in prison. He's also a prolific Twitter user.
The Amnesty Army could launch a digital protest by digitally blowing millions of male handkisses to Putin's Twitter account. 

Donate your freedom of speech

There's too much injustice that never sees the light of day, simply because a lot of people don't have freedom of speech.
We do. So in a big act of empathy, the Amnesty Army could open their social media account up to tell the story of oppressed individual.