To-do list

Grow a beard
Star in a punk rock band
Obtain a black belt in Photoshop 
Succesfully land a kickflip before my 30th birthday
Bring neighbours closer together
Try to break a social stigma
Help entrepeneurs kickstart their business
Launch an award for ballsy brands
Make a grown man cry (happy tears)
Win a Grand Prix for Good
Witness the first human landing on Mars in 2030

Oh, hi there! 

My name is Rui, I secretly play with Lego when my kids are asleep and I come up with ideas for a living.

Work I did

Brands I worked for


Prizes I got nominated for 


I work at Just and used to work at

Buutvrij for Life
180 Kingsday
De Franse Kamer
Stipto Media
Play Like a Champion
Sanoma Publishers


I pretented to study at

Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht
VEA C2O Conceptontwikkeling
Mediacollege Amsterdam


You used to call me on my cellphone

...but you must have forgotten the number. It's 06 45300552
Shy? Send me a nice, long poem at


Thanks for scrolling!
It's a long way down but you did it.